Buy Pre-programmed or DIY ?

If you are ‘oh so not interested’ in programming, this should not stop you from considering making many of the projects shown on this website, it may be that you are happy to upload your own personal instructions to a device with the correct words for Alexa to announce when something happens, it may be that you’re happy to make changes to WiFi settings from your phone for a device to connect to your own network. But, what you may ‘Not’ want to do is have to learn a whole programming language before the device will even turn on a light. You may feel that receiving automated shopping reminders via an actual telephone call the next time you are within a few metres of a specific store would simply be science fiction … it’s not.

The thing is, how much would you like to do yourself? This site is all about inspiring you with project ideas or business concepts that you could build upon and potentially earn from, without having to study programming. It is intended that many projects will have a choice between ‘Code downloads’ where you would use a PC to configure the actual circuit board for you, or you could order the whole thing boxed & ready to plug in and use.

You may be amazed at the price difference though. Buying a bare pre-assembled circuit board often costs just a few pence or a few pounds but buying the same functionality as a finished product wired and boxed can run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Manufacturers will put products into very nice boxes, guarantee them and offer various levels of support but absolutely everything has to be paid for and this is reflected in the products ‘End’ price.

As an example of both, avoiding having to program whilst still making the greatest saving might be to order just the board pre-programmed and to then make any connections yourself. The example below uses low voltage, typically a standard 5v to 12v power adapter. Cables are ‘Dupont male to female’ which you can order through eBay. You would be saving around £50 just from the two boards below, plugging in just a handful of wires yourself and providing your own box as opposed to ordering a plug-in boxed product. But the choice is yours.

The configuration shown below using just these two boards could be used for a low voltage model train controller, an alarm system, an Alexa controlled dolls-house lighting system and more, & more, & more.

Please note: Although the relay board shown is capable of controlling a mains voltage, this site will not encourage you to use high voltage. If you are confident with mains voltage you will already know how to wire up things like Relays and switches to mains powered appliances.