Video Jukebox via Alexa

Bringing a whole new dimension to the JukeBox, this app offers you a fully functioning ‘Music Video JukeBox’ that is totally controlled through Alexa.

Simply search out the videos on YouTube that you want to add to your music collection, click the Youtube ‘Share’ button and upload the embed codes to any specific Alexa device, playback commands must then be called from that same device. Alternatively, upload the codes to all of your Alexa devices so that you can call up the videos for playback from any Alexa device. Tie any phrase to the track to launch it, artist name, track title or words like ‘My favorite tracks’.

The actual sound & video will be from any device that has a browser, which could be a mobile phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or something else. There is nothing to install onto the playback device whatsoever, simply call up a URL in the devices browser and the whole jukebox instantly works with your Alexa devices. Any Alexa announcements will still be made from the Alexa devices in the normal way. The device just stacks & plays all of the selected music videos onto whatever screen it is connected to. You can stack up any number of tracks ready to play, force next track and stop it all through Alexa.

Try me:
Watch the video on how to upload the commands either individually or en masse with e.g. hundreds of tracks from your favorite era. The video will also show you how to create your own ‘User Key’ used to communicate between your Alexa devices and your devices browser.

Business concept

This project offers considerable potential for someone to start their own business and would suit someone who is house-bound or who doesn’t want to go out looking for sales.

The Video Jukebox requires a list of ‘Embed’ codes to be uploaded to form the music collection. This takes around a minute or so to collate the embed code for each track and to list it ready for upload. You might compile different lists for different genre where each list has its own price. Once compiled it can be sold over & over. Many music videos cost millions to make and often enjoyed equally as much as the music track itself.

You might then apply to have your music collections listed on this sites shop where you take a large commission for every sale without the hassle or expense of setting up your own servers & websites.