I’ve called it a ‘Shell’ because there’s virtually nothing inside it, the skill ‘Shell’ doesn’t really do anything until you upload some commands to it. This makes it extremely easy to create and is really just a couple of copy-n-pastes and a few button clicks. It should take literally minutes to complete this task.

Search out ‘amazon alexa developer’ and register as an Alexa developer. You DO NOT need to sign up to the AWS or sign up to any credit/debit card usage. Login to the developer site and follow the video below. You will probably find it helps if you open the developer page into a separate browser window and position it and this window side by side.

The code used by the video can be found below. If the skill fails to work it is usually because one of the following codes has not been inserted correctly.

Select the same language in your Developer page as is in your Amazon account
e.g. English(US) is different to English(UK)

Copy and paste EndPoint URL

Using the dropdown list below the EndPoint URL, select this text
My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority

Download and then drag-n-drop onto the Developer page JSON panel
Download JSON File