The Alexa skills that you create and use are stored on a dedicated server with 24/7 technician support & extremely high ‘Up’ time. The number one aim of these services is to make them affordable costing no more than a little loose-change per month. A small charge is vital in keeping these services and systems running and in constant development so that the functionality can grow with the user-base.

There is a free tier where core features are not restricted but the data storage may be. This offers users the ability to test out the systems and the self development instructions before actually subscribing to use them. There is no contract, if you wish to stop your subscription, you simply cancel it with Paypal.

There is also a shop section where you can purchase Downloadable software as a one-off purchase and possibly even sell your own third party uploadable ‘Command sheets’ to be loaded directly into a users system as a ‘Pro’ command set or training package.

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Donate toward ongoing development

All donations go toward ongoing development, hardware and research and are gratefully received. Thank you.