Welcome to this workshop, from here you will learn how to confidently use all of the different systems that this website offers. You do NOT need to be a programmer and virtually all tasks take just a few minutes to complete. There will be a step-by-step guide for each task regardless of its complexity … have fun.

The basics:

We need to upload a collection of phrases for your Alexa devices to listen for. If one is heard, Alexa will look up the response that you have instructed Alexa to use and that is then announced through the same device that heard the phrase. This differs from standard Alexa skills because with this system, you can upload new commands as often as you want, daily, weekly or every few minutes if you wish. Then, once we’ve set this up, we can optionally add special control commands to automatically go to your PC or other devices to control software, browsers, videos etc. All through voice command & all under Your control.


  1. Create an Alexa skill ‘Shell’
  2. Upload some commands